Welcome to Our News Webpage

Welcome to our NEWS webpage.  

Thank you to Julie Birr for setting up our previous webpage and supporting it for years. However,  problems that we experienced from Microsoft around July were too difficult for us to handle.  And we wanted to get back online. Thank you to Matthew VerVelde for putting together this new site and format.  We believe that he did a fine job. God bless him for the work that he had done, and for patience he has had working with people like me.

Also, as of the first Sunday of Advent, we should be having our Sunday Bulletin printed by LPI.  You should enjoy the new format, color, and other changes that have been made. Looking at the last page of ads, you will notice a lot of new people and places.  Please look over these ads, and if you have need of something, try going to one of these places first. Tell them that you have seen their ad on the back of our bulletin, and that you appreciate their contribution for this improved bulletin.

Over the years we have had many wonderful people contributing toward our bulletins at St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Benedict and Pius parishes.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another, some of them were unable to continue providing us with their ads.  Yet we would like to thank them for their years of support. We will continue to remember them in our prayers and ask that you also continue to support their businesses.

God Bless you, and let us pray for each other.

Fr. Gerald ofm